Canon’s G7 X III camera can also create a vertical video for Instagram

Canon’s G7 X III camera can also create a vertical video for Instagram

Canon’s G7 presented two new Power Shot cameras. The camera is planned to meet. The needs of makers on YouTube and Integra. Both the G7 X III and G5 X II are heirs. To the power shots G7 X II and G5 X. Both have a DIGIC 8 image computer with a 20-megapixel 1-inch CMOS sensor. Which can arrest images at 20 fps at the ISO level of 12800.

Canon calls the G7 X III the next-generation V-logging camera. Its hardware also shows it rather like this. This camera has 4.2 times the optical lens (equal to 24-100 mm f / 1.8-2.8 in 35 mm). It also has built-in optical image steadying in the camera. The camera has a 3-inch touch screen. Which can be rotated 180 degrees for logging or selfish. This camera does not have a headset jack but has a built-in microphone input for the best audio quality.

This camera allows users to record. 4K video at 30 fps without picking. This nose isn’t even in the 2, 2,300 EOS R. For slow motion, it can record at 120 fps to 1080p. A striking nose of this camera is that it allows users. To stream live on YouTube over Wi-Fi. With the built-in Gyro in G7 X III, you can also record. Erect videos and share them as an Integra story.

The Canon camera is being launched at the V Loggers Convention Vidcon 2019.

While the G7 X III is intended for loggers. The G5 X II is intended for paparazzi. The design and hardware of this camera are similar. To G7 X III but it also has a pop-up LED electric. Viewfinder with an f / 1.8-2.8 zoom lens equal to 24-120mm. The G7 X III will be priced at 74 749. It will be existing in Silver and Black. The G5 X II will be priced at 8 899, offered in black only. Sales of both cameras will begin next month.