China will complete an alternative GPS system by mid-2021

China will complete an alternative GPS system by mid

China will complete GPS rival is about to be completed. Ren Chengchi, head of the project, said that. The basic work of the Beidou navigation satellite.

The system, which has been going on for many years, was completed in early December. While the last two worlds were also done. Will reach space before mid-2020.

Strictly, this will be the third phase of Badu, which was first hosted in 2000, but the climax of. This cable system is in its present form.

Ren said that there will be no major upgrade until 2035.

Chinese consumers will not have to worry about the new satellite system. Currently, 70% of Chinese smartphones already support Baidu.

With Badu’s influx, China’s necessity for US GPS will end. Even if the United States turns off the GPS option for China for political or military purposes, location services in China will not be affected by Baidu.