Corona Coin A corrupt currency that will become more expensive

Corona Coin A corrupt currency that will become more expensive if the epidemic worsens

Corona Coin A group of creators has created a debated cryptocurrency. That tracks the spread of the Covid-19 virus besides makes it more classy. The number of victims and deaths surges.

Corona Coin (NCOV) is a new token built on the ethereal blockchain. The money was created by the computer operator of a debate. Online forum 4Chan, which hackers can use incognito.

The unique supply of corona coin at the time of. Its making was 7,604,953,650 coins equal to the total human populace on Earth. Thus, the more people diseased with Corona, the more tokens. Are lost, and thus the value of the residual tokens surges.

We’ve built the world’s first blockchain, whose. Token supply is liable for the spread of the virus. Its token supply was 7.6 billion. Every two days, the World Bank said. Giving to health statistics, tokens are summary.

The advantage of recording the spread of the virus on the. Ethereal blockchain is that the people behind the Great Firewall (i.e. Chinese users) also have token data on The actual deaths can be learnt by scrutiny.

The creators of Corona Coin say that the. The purpose of making this is to spread alertness about Corona and to raise funds to deal with it. A portion of the profits. Will go to the Red Cross’ Covid-19 Relief Fund.

The owners of Halo Coin have a diverse opinion from its developer. Its owners want to surge the number of victims of Corona falsely. Or credibly since it is in their fiscal interest.

However, its inventors say it is not likely. To preciously increase the sum of Corona victims. To get Corona Coin, users need to get a Metalmark wallet on Saturn Chat.