Disney Plus will offer 4K video and 4 parallel screens for dollar 6.99 a mont

Disney Plus will offer 4K video and 4 parallel screens for dollar6.99 a month

Disney Plus will offer is a new streaming service from popular entertainment company Disney, which is set to launch on November 12. The monthly fee will be 6. 6.99. The company provided more information about Disney Plus at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. According to this information, instead of uploading all the episodes of its original shows at once, Disney will release them every week.

In addition, Disney Plus users will be able to play four screens simultaneously and watch streaming in 4K without any additional charges. Disney Plus users will be able to create 7 different user profiles. Unlike Disney Plus, Netflix releases all episodes of the show at once, allowing users to watch all seasons at once. Netflix users can create up to 5 profiles at a time.

Netflix users have to pay 15 15.99 per month for streaming in 4K resolution. Disney Plus has a much lower monthly fee than Netflix, but on the other hand, a one-day all-day entertainment ticket at the company’s Disneyland Park. 10 109 As there is no bigger company in the amusement park than. Disneyland, so expensive tickets are sold there, there are already many services in the field of streaming service compared to Disney Plus.

In this case, the company has kept its fees low. The fee may increase in the future. Disney Plus will feature all Disney Classic movies. Disney has also bought 20th Century Fox. That means the service will also have all the installments of Simpson. Disney Plus is working on many more original shows.