Drone film of a few lockdown cities in the Halo virus crisis 2021

Drone film of a few lockdown cities in the Halo virus crisis

Drone film The world is frozen in the coronavirus crisis. Most people are living in their homes. That is why the streets are deserted.

Until a few weeks ago, no one could have imagined that the streets. And alleys of the most densely populated cities would be so crowded. Corona has embellished all their splendor.

1. Wuhan China

Wuhan is the city where the epidemic began in late December. The streets of this city are terribly deserted. These city streets are also deserted due to government austerity.

Milan, Italy

The Corona epidemic has spread faster in Italy than in China, leaving no one here. The drone footage is from the town of Baranatzata, northwest of Mela.

3. Boston, USA

The streets of Boston are crowded on the last two days of the week, but not in March 2020. Now the number of vehicles passing through the city streets can be counted on the fingers of one’s hand.

4. Paris, France

Paris is also currently offering a view of Ghost Town.

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

In Tel Aviv, Israel, the epidemic of COD-19 is less severe than in many other countries, but life here is frozen.