Google fired a human rights executive Allegation of former executive

Google fired a human rights executive. Allegation of former executive

Google fired The former head of Google’s international relations has claimed that he was fired from the company for protecting freedom of expression and privacy in China.

In an open letter, Russia’s La Jones said it had defended human rights in China for 11 years and was now told there was no room for them as a result of the company’s restructuring.

Russia La Jones said the company has now moved away from its “don’t be a devil” (don’t be evil). Russia’s La Jones has said it will now run for the Senate seat from Maine.

Russia La Jones joined Google in 2008. In 2017, Google decided to return to China. Google wanted to create a censored search engine in China. Google called it Project Dragonfly.

Russia La Jones called Project Dragonfly a violation of human rights. Kent Walker, Google’s chief lawyer and head of policy, also expressed reservations.

Russ La Jones has been with the company ever since. Google officially shut down Project Dragonfly last year. Google spokeswoman.

Jane Kaiser said in a statement that. Russia is running for the Senate seat from La Jones Maine, a rival of Susan Collins, in an attempt to draw attention.