Huawei Introduces Harmony OS, an Alternative Operating System for Cross-Platform

Huawei Introduces Harmony OS an Alternative Operating System for Cross-Platform

Huawei Introduces a new cross-platform operating. The system, HarmonyOS, at the annual Huawei Developers. Conference in Dongguang, China. It is the English name for Huawei’s Hong Meng OS. The new operating system has been in development since 2017, said CEO Richard Dave. The first product is based on this operating. The system will introduce the Huawei brand Honor tomorrow.

Huawei aims to create a new operating. A system that is open source and can be used on many devices. Such as smartphones, smart wearables, TVs, tablets, laptops, and even cars. Harmony OS is a micro-kernel-based operating system, which means it will use very few. Resources, which will significantly speed up the operating system.

It is open-source and comes with TEE. (Trusted Execution Environment) for the security of all devices. Harmony OS’s Arc Compiler supports all major programming languages such as C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, and Kotlin.

During the ceremony, Richard Dave said that. Harmony OS could theoretically replace Android, but the company will now use it. Google’s software is in it due to its users and Google’s excellent app portfolio.

Richard claims that if it gets more complicated, users will be able to migrate to the new OS in a few days. Regarding app support, Richard said that Harmony OS will gradually. support all Android apps, HTML5 and Linux based. Harmony OS aims to replace. Android and become the global operating system in the future. Huawei will also provide developer kits. To developers to quickly create apps for the new OS.