Huawei launches app search app for HMS devices 2021

Huawei launches app search app for HMS devices

Huawei launches The smartphones that Chinese companies. Offer in China are without Google mobile services. selling smartphones outside of China without these services.

Rapidly expanding its app gallery portfolio, but many popular. Applications are still not available in the app gallery. ۔

Now Huawei has introduced AppSearch to solve this problem. The new app has been launched. Huawei’s German website and is still in the experimental stages.

Smartphone users running Huawei mobile. Services from App Search will be able to install apps on the. A smartphone without having to install a third-party store.

Users used to use the third-party store to install WhatsApp and Facebook.

The app search will guide users to the alternative. App Store, from where users will be able to install the. an app without having to search again and again.

You, Will, do not have to search for. The app is in many stores by itself. App Search currently shows results from. APKMirror, APKMonk, APKPure, Huawei AppGallery, and Amazon App Store.

Click here to install the app search application.