Samsung will make the next Galaxy Fold even cheaper 2021

Samsung will make the next Galaxy Fold even cheaper

Samsung will make the successor to its Galaxy Fold cheaper. Next time this phone will be released with two storage configurations. Along with the 512 GB internal storage version.

Samsung will also offer a 256 GB version which will cost a little less. The price of the original 512 GB storage model phone is the US. The market is 1980 1980. That’s why Samsung is working on a cheaper version.

News of Samsung working on the Galaxy Fold 2 was published by Bloomberg in March. The report states that the company is working on two foldable phones.

One of these devices turned out to be the recently released Galaxy Z Flip while the other has not been announced yet. Bloomberg says that the other device is a Galaxy Fold with an outer surface similar to Huawei’s Mate X.

In January, Korean News Publisher reported that the new phone will have a 7.7-inch foldable screen. The phone’s selfie camera will be at the bottom of the phone’s screen.

According to another Korean news publisher, the new Fold 2 will have an 8-inch display and will support the S Pen.

In February, XDA’s Max Weinbach claimed that the phone would have an under-display selfie camera with S-Pen or a punch hole. He had said that the phone will have a camera set of Galaxy S20 Plus.

From all these rumors, it seems that the Fold 2 phone will be quite expensive. To make this phone more affordable, you will have to reduce the storage option as well as using hardware mid-range smartphones.