Smartphone sales in China fell 45% in February 2021

Smartphone sales in China fell 45% in February

Smartphone sales Apple, Huawei, and Shumi fell sharply in February. Apple sold less than 500,000 smartphones this month. In February last year, the company had 1.27 million smartphones.

Sales of the company’s smartphones have dropped by 60% this month compared to last year. Compared to January, the situation looks even worse. The company sold 2 million iPhones in January.

Apple sold 494,000 smartphones last month. Chinese companies, whose sales were 12.72 million in February 2019, rose to 5.85 million last month.

The decline in sales of smartphones has been reported by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology. The main reason for this is the closure of many factories in China.

While Chinese authorities have banned citizens from traveling to many areas, they have instructed ordinary people to stay indoors.

Research companies such as IDC and Canals expect that the supply of smartphones will fall by 40% in the first quarter of 2020 as both the supply and demand of smartphones are currently low due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

The first two weeks were very damaging for the Chinese market. Apple then closed many of its physical stores and offices in China. Even the stores and offices that were open were not working to their full potential.