Sony’s Crystal Cinema Display supports 16K but can cost millions

Sony’s Crystal Cinema Display supports 16K but can cost millions of dollars

Sony’s Crystal Sony recently introduced its Crystal LED screen for cinema at an exhibition. Now the company has announced that it is available to consumers. These cinema displays will be sold only by specially trained dealers. It will be sold in different sizes. Its 16K resolution cinema screen will be 63 feet in size. However, buying this cinema screen is not just for the common man.

Like Samsung’s Cinema LED (Onyx) system, Sony’s Crystal LED technology also uses micro-LED modules technology. Each of these modules is 16×18 inches in size and has a resolution of 360 x 360. That is, there are three small LEDs for each pixel. This technology works like an LED, but it’s much brighter.

It can light up to 1000 nits. Its grayscale is 10 bits and its color reproduction (140% of sRGB) is quite accurate. By combining these modules, you can create your own screens of different sizes. Its 14 modules form an 8-foot by 4-foot screen with 1080p resolution. With 72 modules, it has 16 feet widescreen at 4K resolution.

Its 288 modules form a 32-foot by 18-foot screen with 8K resolution. Its 576 modules make a 16K resolution 63 feet by 18 feet screen. Each module costs ہزار 10,000, meaning its 4K screen costs 7 720,000 and a 16K unit costs 58 5.8 million. Sony has not yet announced its sale, but it will soon be on display at the CEDIA Expo in Colorado.