The Space Source Home, a space-searching program for space creatures

The Space Source Home, a space-searching program for space creatures, closed 21 years later

The Space Source for Holy Intellect (SETI). Home, a crowd backing package for space beings, has been obsolete after 21 years. K computers process data from City at Home. UC Berkeley has declared that the package will close on March 31.

UC Berkeley presented the City at Home program to the world on May 17, 1999.

The package used the campus’s distributed figuring stage, BIO INC.
Whenever users woke up from their computers. The program would start using the computer’s computing power and send data to UC Bakery. In this way, UC Berkeley developed a great Internet-connected supercomputer.

In a statement, the project leaders said that a lot of information. Has already been processed under this program. Sort this information to get results from them.

City at Home is closing, but other UC Bakery. Programs that use BIONC will continue to use your system’s computing power. If you donate your computer’s computing.

power to another good campaign, If you want, the. Folding at Home (Folding @ Home) campaign is the best, in which computing. Power is used for disease research. Recently, it has been used to find a cure for coronavirus.