Toothbrush ready for sale in just 10 seconds Update 2021

Toothbrush ready for sale in just 10 seconds

Toothbrush ready French business Fastens presented. A new project electric toothbrush in 2018.
The company started crowdfunding for its production.

And raised 65 165,000. The Y-Brush is now up for sale. Pre-orders are issued from July 2018. You have to apply toothpaste to its fibers and place it on. The higher or inferior teeth and run it for five flashes.

This toothbrush is presented in three vibration modes. It is provided with a charging stand. This can last up to a month once the cordless is electric.

The business says it needs to change. Its brush head every six months. This head company provides 30. This brush is existing in two sizes, small.

For young 4 to 12 years old and average for adults. The brush kit costs 125. It has a grip, brush, USB mount, and toothpaste. Applicator, and storage vessel for two meetings.